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Keeping the Markets Connected: David Gullberg, AVP Market Technology MIO & New Markets TAM

Keeping the market running and connected in unprecedented times is no small feat. At Nasdaq, it takes a team effort to evolve and continue serving the markets. We are highlighting the very people making that possible.

David Gullberg

We are featuring David Gullberg, AVP Market Technology MIO & New Markets Technical Account Management from the Stockholm office who ensures delivery and support of high quality Nasdaq software that meet our clients’ business models and regulatory requirements.  The gravity of impact that Gullberg’s team has in keeping markets moving and troubleshooting issues as they arise is massive, especially when you consider that Nasdaq’s mission-critical technology is helping run operations at over 120 market infrastructures in 50+ countries.

How does your work help to keep the markets running?

My team is incredible and each and every person on the team shows great dedication and passion for the clients. We work very closely with our clients regardless of the distance, which can be challenging when they are located in every corner of the world. During this pandemic, many of our clients have experienced very volatile markets, so the team has worked even more in partnership with them to ensure that our software responds well in terms of capacity and higher volumes. By tracking market activity even more closely together with our clients, we get the chance to identify potential risks before they occur, which in turn gives us the chance to take action and mitigate the risk of market disruptions.

How have your  priorities shifted in the current remote setup?

I would say that priorities have not changed that much, which is mostly due to the phenomenal technology and people we have within the company. It feels like we switched overnight from being in the offices having face-to-face meeting to having daily video meetings globally, which is quite amazing. Another reason why there has not been a need to shift priorities so much is that in Sweden, where I work and live, the government restrictions tied to the pandemic have not been as stringent as in many other countries. For example, my kids are still going to school and this hasn’t  really interfered with work.

What are your biggest lessons learned professionally in a COVID-19 environment?

How vulnerable everything is and not to take anything for granted. Many times you hear that people have a hard time adapting to change. I would say that everyone within Nasdaq has demonstrated the opposite during the last couple of months. From a personal perspective, I have also learned how much more you get from using video in meetings and how productive meetings can be when utilizing video conferencing and work messaging applications.

What will your transition to a new normal look like?

This is something I haven’t thought about yet to be honest. Right now focus is on everyone’s health and well-being, as well as serving our clients in the best way we can from home. This is the first time I personally have faced a pandemic like this and I must say that I am incredibly impressed of how Nasdaq as a company have managed the situation. My team is operating from 9 different locations, so the transition back to the offices will probably differ between regions depending on how COVID-19 develops. The social aspect has really taken a great hit from all of this, so transition back to working from the office, meeting my team, clients and other Nasdaq colleagues will be the easy part.

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