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Pelosi Rejects White House’s $1.8T Stimulus Offer: Report

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi introduced the latest version of the relief bill on Monday. (Credit: Michael Candelori / Shutterstock)

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the White House’s recently boosted $1.8 trillion stimulus offer, saying it doesn’t provide enough in the way of coronavirus testing, worker safety and child care, the Financial Times reported, setting back hopes for an imminent breakthrough in talks.

  • The boosted offer, made Friday, gave a lift to bitcoin (BTC) and equities alike.
  • Even though Pelosi rejected the offer, BTC is holding onto today’s gains, up 2.52% to $11,351 at press time.
  • According to the FT, the House speaker didn’t rule out chances for a deal, saying “I remain hopeful that yesterday’s developments will move us closer to an agreement on a relief package that addresses the health and economic crisis facing America’s families.”

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